Review on COTTAN beauty care according to GERIBOOK

The resurgence of the COTTAN House was the opportunity to surround ourselves with a panel of beauty experts who could give us their thoughts, their advice and ask us their questions. The objective? Confronting our ideas with those of opinion leaders in the cosmetics industry, in order to shape together a first collection that meets our ambitions and modern needs.

Thus, we had the pleasure to collaborate with Jean-François Mayadoux Berriex, also known as Geribook on Instagram. It is with joy that we discovered his enthusiasm following this work together, which he describes as a "magnificent adventure" in his article published on this topic!

Together, we successively thought about the image, the communication, the formula and the COTTAN cosmetic products, as well as the packaging and the design of the bottles. This last step seems to have particularly delighted him :

"I had a blast with this part, creative and using my professional skills ... but especially my sensitivity to the Design."

This in-depth work has allowed Geribook to develop his confidence in our products, which he knows perfectly about:

"I assure you that these cosmetics know to mix the pleasure of all senses and perfect harmlessness + contribution and benefits for all skin types, including the most sensitive. [...] Cottan is transparency and promises without exaggeration."

A notice that also aroused the interest of its community, convinced by the work that has been done. Whether their enthusiasm is linked to their personal story, to the design or to the quality of our products, Geribook readers have given us their encouragement:

  • ""It reminds me of my childhood and my grandmother"
  • "The packagings are amazing !"
  • "The face cream seems to have a very pleasant texture"

 Our favorite is probably this very comprehensive review :

"I find the Arsène hatbox to be really qualitative and classy.

As for the products themselves, they are beautiful, differentiating, elegant and with a real personality.

In terms of fragrance, I appreciated the subtlety of the perfumes, the textures: in particular the well-foaming soap, the enveloping and comfortable cloud texture of the cream, perfect to prevent irritations during winter. Not sticky or heavy, just perfect."

In short, beyond the encouraging feedback from Geribook and his community, we are delighted with this collaboration that has allowed us to create a collection that meets the expectations of our (future) customers! From now on, it is up to us to continue the adventure by maintaining this level of quality, in resonance with the history of the COTTAN House and the expectations of its community.

(c) Cover picture photo credit : Geribook Analyse Cosmétiques (@geribook) • Instagram Photos and Videos

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