Review on COTTAN beauty care according to Kléo Beauté

On the occasion of our launch, we had the chance to collaborate with the reference blog Kléo Beauté, in order to present them the house, its resurgence, and its products. Following several exchanges with Alina, and the sending of our inaugural set, we took great pleasure in read the article, and to discover the enthusiastic and passionate feedbacks of its readers.

Here are a few chosen pieces: 

Regarding the initiative to revive the COTTAN house: 

"Cottan is a brand totally apart because it has been "identically reinvented"! The idea was to preserve its spirit (and that of the formulas), while bringing it up to date. The result is a magnificent universe of yesteryear, "spiced up basics" that honor the history and know-how of the brand. Made in France. "

Our favorite product is the evanescent (or vanishing) cream

"A universal emulsion with a texture that deserves congratulations: a kind of "meringue" that melts on the skin in a moisturizing and perfumed caress; a very nice work on the sensory: the perfume is really well-thought, the textures are superb for a natural brand (without silicones and other synthetic ingredients that did not exist at the time)." 

The more than enthusiastic comments of the readers feed our confidence in the relevance of this unusual adventure: 

  • "Cosmetic archaeology, with a modern twist? What a great idea, and what an extraordinary adventure!"  by Wirette
  • "I love this very dispensory side, which combines smart formulas with packaging whose aesthetics speak to me a lot." by Maurine
  • "Thank you for this beautiful discovery! An original approach that makes you want to know more..." by Danielle

Let's end this roundup with the caption of the Instagram post by @kleobaute - account that we can only advise you: 

"If your great-great-great grandmother, a Parisian fashionista in her day, could come and tell you about her beauty routine, she would probably say, "My little girl, I only swore by Cottan skincare products! With its natural and effective formulation, far from the greasy ointments that were abundant on the shelves at the time"". Do not be fooled, @cottan_paris is not an "urban legend" or a new "marketing fantasy", it is our history! An old story, certainly, but one that could have become a myth (like Guerlain, for example)."

Thank you very much to Alina for her support and the very rich and encouraging feedback. We are committed to living up to the history of COTTAN and the expectations of its future customers. 

(c) Coverphoto credit: Kléo Beauté, 2021.

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