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La French Pharmacy de Marine Vincent

Marine Vincent, a French-style pharmacist

Thanks to the support of Marine Vincent, a French-style pharmacist in Great Britain, the Cottan House takes to the sea! At the head of the pharmacy Make Me Feel in Clapham and of the famous French Pharmacy of Marylebone, Marine Vincent develops the art of French-style pharmacy overseas.

Having lived in England for more than ten years, Marine first experimented the field. After a few years in several British pharmacies, she drew her own conclusions: English pharmacists are very little present in store for there customers. They are more often behind the counter, managing the logistics of the back office.

This approach appealed to the pharmacist, who was trained in France, to care for the contact with the patient. Convinced of the added value of this approach, Marine thus created her first business in 2016, and has since been performing pharmacy "the way she likes it.".

Inspired by French pharmacies, which are historically neat and appealing, she carefully chose the location and layout of her stores. The first one is located in a former French bakery.

Her first project, Make Me Feel, is a pharmacy selling personal care products. This status allows her to concentrate initially on the work and the exchange with the brands she wishes to promote, without being encumbered by the legal constraints linked to the pharmaceutical sector. Now, Marine has doubled this physical outlet with an online shop, which allows her to enhance the products in other ways.

The online store, soon to be renamed The French Pharmacy, was closely followed by the opening of a new location in Marylebone. In this village-like area of London, her store is becoming a landmark. This time, it is indeed a pharmacy. But, in a rather original way, cosmetic products are valued there as much as medicines.

Online and offline, all of Marine's stores are giving back to the pharmacist, but also to the patient. The notion of service is at the heart of her philosophy.

Moreover, the pharmacist advises her clients not only on products but also on services. This is why she decided to open treatment rooms, where the pharmacy's clients can turn to practitioners for aesthetic, homeopathic or psychological care. In this way, she makes her patients aware of the benefits of prevention and so-called "soft" practices that are complementary to traditional medicine.

Although she is sensitive to the power of "natural" practices, Marine does not neglect products that do not claim this criterion. She reminds us that products must above all be effective: if a chemical formula is innovative and efficient, then why deprive ourselves?

"The Pharmacy is the place where you're allowed to have chemistry," she confides.

This is also why she appreciates the cosmetics of the Cottan House , to which she praises her history and innovative interest.

"I love the old-fashioned pharmacy side, I find it beautiful and it interests me particularly".

Yes, because to honor its origins, Marine highlights a large number of French brands. Among the most emblematic, we find of course La Roche Posay or Caudalie on her shelves. But, listening to her customers and their needs, Marine is always on the lookout for new products to meet them. To do this, she focuses on three criteria in particular: the quality, the effectiveness and the price, that must be affordable.

Thus, between product and service, Marine and her teams brilliantly meet the challenge of developing a pharmacy the french style overseas. Available to advise customers during online and in-store consultations, as well as to carefully package their orders, its employees go all the way to ensure customer satisfaction before and after the purchase.

It is probably this human-scale organization, which places relationships at the center of the business, and which has made the success and reputation of the French Pharmacy. At Cottan, we are delighted to join this adventure: a new way of celebrating the historical french heritage of our House and to make it known to as many people as possible. 

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