Firm favorite of Emmanuelle Dumas

As soon as the first announcements were made concerning the project to revive COTTAN, we received a warm welcome from several big names in the sector.

Among these encounters Emmanuelle Dumas gave us very good advice on the distribution strategy to be imagined for the future, and above all, reinforced our love for the product and the art of formulation, especially through her article "favorite" published on Linkedin and that we took the liberty of reproducing here, to keep a trace of it for the years - and decades - to come.

Thank you again Madame, for this precious support, during the delicate week of a renaissance. 

COUP DE COEUR #malovebrand

What makes me love my job is to discover, and sometimes build, beautiful stories in cosmetics.

I love beautiful stories 💗
Those which are loaded with meaning.
Which well constructed, are then unique. And which make you travel through words, images, galenic, perfumes...

The brand COTTAN is a magnificent story 💎

The one of Ganaël Bascoul in love with objects, who discovered the brand and decided to revive it

That of its initial founder who initiated what could already be considered as the clean cosmetic, and developed a real "Art of formulation".

So when I heard, I quickly called Ganaël so that he could explain everything to me.
And I tried the products (thank you 🙏)
and I was not disappointed 🥰

The textures are very nice
the evanescent cream has a small sensory touch that gives to it all its charm! I love it
the fragrance is amazing
and the packagings are magnificent

Bravo bravo 👏

We dream of seeing the range in the department stores in Paris 😉

We share this dream, and will be sharing news with you very soon, which I hope will excite you as much as it excites us!

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