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Avis routine de soin cottan par Alexandra B

Cottan in A contre-jour, by Alexandra B.

This month, Maison Cottan is highlighted by Alexandra, Beauty & Natural Addict press officer, as she presents herself online. On her blog A contre-jour, the young woman is always on the lookout for good lifestyle tips: in her latest article she presents three trios of essential facial beauty routines , for three distinct skin types. It is in the special routine "fragile and sensitive skin, looking for soothing", that Maison Cottan has more specifically found its place.

The Beauty Micellar Vinegar as well as the Evanescent Facial Cream particularly caught her attention in this regard.

Don’t be fooled by its name, this vinegar, which is a tonic, is in no way irritating, quite the contrary ” reminds the beauty addict. For her, it is a “ must-have that evens out the complexions of the most sensitive skin ”.

From the evanescent cream, it retains “ its formula which melts deliciously between the fingers to apply to the face like a caress ” for “ a feeling of real softness on the skin ”. This makes it an “ ideal ally for sensitive skin which only requires softness and well-being. To be obtained urgently ”.

It is therefore a great pleasure for Maison Cottan to be one of the three essentials of a beauty routine adapted to the most sensitive skin. A nod also to the historic founder of the House, worried about the harmful compositions of cosmetic products and concerned about the most fragile skin: almost 200 years later, Cottan still strives to fulfill this mission with the inaugural Arsène box which breathes new life into the historic House.

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