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Cottan par Carole Grouésy, fondatrice d'Attitude Luxe

Maison Cottan in the spotlight in Attitude Luxe

It is through meetings and conversations like that of Carole Grouésy , the creator of the web magazine Attitude Luxe , that the work of reflection which nourishes the creations of Maison Cottan takes on its full meaning.

How can we renew and expand our field of experimentation to effectively combine traditional know-how and modern expectations ? How can we think about cosmetic treatments inspired by yesteryear today? Attitude Luxe and Maison Cottan question themselves, in their own way...

The Attitude Luxe web magazine addresses with a modern eye developments in the traditional sectors of luxury, jewelry and watches, but also fashion, perfume, beauty, culture, gastronomy, travel and know-how. An explorer of trends, but also a source of information and reflection on these fascinating sectors, the Attitude Luxe media is a must for enthusiasts and professionals in the art of living.

Carole Grouésy , who is the creator and editorial director, cultivates a passion tinged with curiosity for the question of beauty. After a 16-year career dedicated to the watchmaking and jewelry sector as well as experience as Deputy President of the HBJO National Federation, she has never ceased to be interested in new trends in the sector. Questioning the marriage of authentic tradition and renewing modernity, she now takes a holistic look at the intriguing world of luxury.

In the special article she devotes to Maison Cottan, she explores all the sensoriality of the Arsène skincare collection . Regarding Micellar Vinegar , she evokes a "smell between apple and blueberry [...] very pleasant", while it is the "subtle scent of violet [...] delicious" of the dulcified soap which seems to have retained its attention.

A sensoriality which takes nothing away from the effectiveness of this range of care with complementary benefits, starting with the evanescent face cream , which has proven its effectiveness:

"one of the most beautiful hydrations possible, with its exceptional dosage, in a very natural composition"

As for Micellar Vinegar , intended to stimulate cellular regeneration, expectations also seem to be met:

"After a few days of use, I saw the radiance of my complexion clearly improve. And its pretty glass bottle in Art Nouveau style is perfect for decorating a dressing table or bathroom shelf ."

The article also salutes the packaging work of our facial treatments:

“no plastic, but cardboard for the packaging, glass for the lotion and metal for the tube of cream.”

A nod to the pioneering spirit of Doctor Cottan, whose research into the creation of healthy, silky and innovative formulas at the time is now completely aligned with the new requirements of clean beauty .

The article therefore concludes this wonderful meeting on a positive note, which encourages the curious as well as the most seasoned to discover in more detail the reflections of Attitude Luxe to continue to question ourselves about the art of living that drives us.

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