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The new art of formulation

Precious beauty secrets

SINCE 1840

Original beauty

Unique formulas, since 1840.

in accordance with the very essence of your skin

Proven effectiveness for a perfect complexion

including for sensitive and atopic skin

Beautiful French workmanship

with masterful textures and sensorialities

100% Clean Beauty certified brand

by the independent laboratory BIORUS

“Incredible packaging with soft scents and maddening textures: it’s French sensoriality and suitable for all skin types.”

— The Natural Beauty blog

All our beauty secrets combined

COTTAN - Arsène Ritual Box

Find the prodigious routine of the Arsène collection in this elegant box, in the colors of the COTTAN house. Healthy, natural, and incredibly sensory formulas, inspired by the original and masterful preparations of the Hygienic Society of Doctor Cottan.

Discover the Arsène box

The New Formulatory Art

The wording in question

The apprehensions raised by the eco-toxicity of beauty products for women and their environment require us to rethink our approach to formulation.

The art of synthesis

Starting from natural formulation schemes from the 19th century, COTTAN rewrites them in the light of modern dermo-cosmetic sciences, to create a unique skincare experience.

Science and the senses

The effectiveness of all our formulations is tested according to the best criteria, without ever neglecting fragrances and sensoriality, in order to combine pleasure with visible results on a daily basis.

Cleansers - Purifying creaminess

Dulcified Face Soap

This superfatted soap respects the harmony of your skin by enveloping it in its voluptuous foam

Cleansing Powder-Foam

A perfect foam with rice and peony root powders, this powder cleanses and removes makeup from your face with finesse and velvety.

Tonics - Precious complexion secret

Beauty Micellar Vinegar

Stimulates cell regeneration, evens out your complexion and brightens your face.

Moisturizing Floral Lotion

Hydrates, balances and energizes your epidermis for a fresh and radiant complexion.

Moisturizers - Intense durability

Vanishing Face Cream

Its silky, pearly formula intensely nourishes your face, before disappearing under a fine veil of softness.

Good Glow Serum

Original and masterful preparation with vitamin C and 12 medicinal plants to magnify your skin and renew its vitality.

Discover a routine like no other

A discovery box of products in travel format (1/4 of their usual format) to experience all our classics from home, or on the other side of the world. Ready to embark on new horizons?

Discovery Box


With the help of experts and genealogists, we have retraced the epic story of the Cottan house, until we unravel the secrets of this avant-garde company.

From 1840, Jean-François Arsène Cottan rethinks the composition of hygiene products, to eliminate any harmful substance and make each cleansing gesture a moment of care in its own right, with the greatest respect for the biology of the skin, thanks to his vision of formulatory art of surprising modernity.


Thanks to its numerous patented innovations, the COTTAN house conquered a leading position over time and in 1900, we can read that "the Parisian, elegant and independent, opts for sure values ​​and will make her choice, among the brands of time like Violet, Coudray, Gellé, Cottan, Pinaud, Delettrez, Molinard, Guerlain, Dorin and Lubin."

In its boutiques on rue de Châteaudun, then in Rivoli, but also in French and American department stores, COTTAN rhymes with care and refinement.


In order to meet the needs of today's women, in terms of formulation and naturalness, the COTTAN house is reborn to offer them a whole new face of beauty, combining tradition and modernity.

By rewriting these forgotten classics, to enhance their cosmetic virtues and their incomparable sensoriality, we hope to surprise, amaze and pamper future customers of this new golden age.

Learn more about our history .

“Applied to a cotton pad in the morning, to wake up the skin, and in the evening, as the last step of removing makeup, the vinegar easily restores radiance to the face.”

- The world

“Elegant gifts that will hit the mark.”


“His innovative concept, clean beauty well before its time, was a dazzling success. However, Cottan fell into oblivion during the interwar period. Until he came back to life in 2021. It’s a crazy story, but a beautiful story!”

—Beauty Toaster

It is this art of formulation that today we would describe as “clean” that the young entrepreneur is highlighting today in a first Arsène collection featuring 19th century bestsellers for sensitive skin.


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