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avis cosmétiques cottant par pibou beauty

Review on COTTAN beauty care by Pibou Beauty

From the very beginning, the COTTAN house has surrounded itself with a panel of opinion leaders in the cosmetics industry. Among them Bérangère, better known as Pibou Beauty on social media. Cosmetic engineer and independent consultant, she shared her advice and recommendations with us at the dawn of the new millennium, a new era for the Cottan House.

In a blog post, Bérangère retraces the steps of our collaboration and shares her opinion on the iconic Arsène Set.

From our discussions, the engineer retains that COTTAN cosmetics are "not only hygiene products but also skin care products to ensure that the epidermis remains in good health." 

It is also marked by the meticulous work on thehistory of the Cottan House, conducted with the help of genealogists and historians.

From all the elements collected, they were able to revive it while associating it with contemporary science.

 A work of detail also greeted by the readers of Pibou Beauty:

It's fresh, simple yet classy just by the look of it you want to try it ❤️❤️... It really is a renaissance 👏
With Bérangère, our discussions first focused on the choice of our logo, for which we "had to find the right balance between institutional and singularity".
I love its oneiric, mysteriousside.
We also discussed the design of the products, the galenic (the science and art of preparing an active ingredient) and the fragrance of our cosmetics. The thinking on all these elements allows her today to decide on her favorite product: 
My favorite product is the evanescent cream that offers a particularly unique sensory compared to what is currently available on the cosmetic market.
Finally, we discussed together the subject of communication. Her article highlights an essential element: the minimalist and modern formulas of COTTAN cosmetics, as well as a simple beauty routine which is based on three fundamental gestures: cleanse, tone and moisturize.
Throughout this development work, we were able to discuss many topics with Bérangère, who welcomed the opportunity to participate again in the adventure of a cosmetic launch.
We are happy to have shared this "wonderful adventure" with the cosmetic specialist, who wrote her article in the middle of the Singaporean winter: weather particularly adapted to the use of our famous evanescent cream!

(c) Cover Picture Crédit: Pibou Beauty (@pibou_beauty) • Instagram Photos and Videos

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